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Get Off Your Ass And Talk To Them

To preface: no, this is not dating advice. One thing I’ve noticed during my time as an engineer is an over-reliance on technology to accomplish all communication ends.  By this, I mean that an engineer will sit at their desk and exchange a series of 20+ emails and instant messages to discuss a topic that […]

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The Trouble With Toilet Paper

Why the subject of toilet paper you ask? Well, mid-way through my time at my previous employer, someone in management or purchasing thought to themselves, “Hmm. How can we save some money on our lavatory expenses?  Obviously having the clean bathrooms cleaned less frequently is not an option, nor is perhaps having the lights shut off when […]

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Project Managers Don’t Listen To Anyone’s Ideas

Podcast: Play in new window | Download You may have the greatest ideas on the planet, but if you can’t communicate their worth, no one will adopt them.  Not always is the problem that your ideas are the best, however, and so I’m going to describe a few reasons why your “great” ideas dont get […]

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5 Ways To Put Assholes In Their Place

Assholes assholes everywhere…. ok, not really.  I spoke about engineers who behave with utter disregard for anything or anyone but themselves in this post, and now the time has come to elaborate on how a leader can manager these types of individuals.  These can be very easy to deal with (for the idle asshole), or incredibly […]

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Asshole Engineers Tear Teams Apart!

This is the second post regarding personality types.  In my prior post regarding shy engineers, I mentioned some of the problems with being a too-shy engineer with respect to your advancement capabilities.  In this post, I want to broach the subject of the completely reverse side of that coin.  In fact, I have to admit there […]

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