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Engineer Seeks Job, Tips for Jobseekers

Having moved across the country, my previous networking achievements hold little sway. I now live in the grand city of Gainesville, FL, with a population nearing 200,000 during the school-in-session months. Beyond the gorgeous vegetation and un-abating humidity during the days and nights, I find myself in a situation where my communication skills are in […]

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Hiring and Keeping Good Engineers (part 2)

And so begins the second half of the post.  If you want to go back to read the prior half, please see Hiring and Keeping Good Engineers (part 1) Related Posts:Hiring and Keeping Good Engineers (part 1)Treat Great Engineers Like GoldHow To Get Your Ideas HeardThe Dangers of Feature CreepBeware! Feature Creep Has Downsides!

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Hiring and Keeping Good Engineers (part 1)

I recently read a post by John Hunter entitled, “Finding, and Keeping, Good IT People,” and couldn’t help but think it merited some additional thoughts on the subject.  He makes a few main points in his post, namely: look at the hiring process, reduce your requirement count, treat existing staff well, and a good programmer […]

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