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Kick That Lazy PM Into Gear

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Project managers are essential to system functioning, but as I described before, some are just plain lazy!  Take a look at the post to get an idea of some problems that arise, but here, I want to discuss some strategies to deal with them. They don’t respond to requests […]

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Top Problems With Lazy Project Managers

Podcast: Play in new window | Download I’ve already discussed that project managers are a necessary addition to a development team, as well as the fact that some are overzealous, which takes its toll on the team dynamics. Today I want to discuss why lazy project managers are actually terrible and destructive additions to any development team. […]

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How To Get Your Ideas Heard

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In my prior post, I discuss some reasons and guidance on what to do if no lower level employees’ ideas get heard.  Not always is it a systemic issue, however, and I would argue that more often than not, it’s YOUR ideas that don’t get heard. Related Posts:Project […]

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Project Managers Don’t Listen To Anyone’s Ideas

Podcast: Play in new window | Download You may have the greatest ideas on the planet, but if you can’t communicate their worth, no one will adopt them.  Not always is the problem that your ideas are the best, however, and so I’m going to describe a few reasons why your “great” ideas dont get […]

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5 Ways To Put Assholes In Their Place

Assholes assholes everywhere…. ok, not really.  I spoke about engineers who behave with utter disregard for anything or anyone but themselves in this post, and now the time has come to elaborate on how a leader can manager these types of individuals.  These can be very easy to deal with (for the idle asshole), or incredibly […]

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Asshole Engineers Tear Teams Apart!

This is the second post regarding personality types.  In my prior post regarding shy engineers, I mentioned some of the problems with being a too-shy engineer with respect to your advancement capabilities.  In this post, I want to broach the subject of the completely reverse side of that coin.  In fact, I have to admit there […]

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Why Engineers and Managers Can’t Communicate

Hopefully, you have already read A Manager’s Focus and An Engineer’s Focus.  If not, I encourage you to do so, because the purpose of this post is to discuss why it is that engineers and managers tend to have difficulty communicating.  In fact, many times, while watching communication happening during meetings, it is fascinating to […]

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